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Google Home Business Kit – The Post-Modern Scam

August 17, 2009

I know this blog is mostly composed of discussions of wacky cartoon reviews, but I feel the need to broaden the focus somewhat as it’s also essentially the blog I put my writing-related links on.

I’m not one of those people like the good folks at who spend their time rooting up scams and dishonest practices, but I couldn’t help but notice the pyramid scheme known as The Google Home Business Kit.

Here, have an example website:

It’s the same sort of deal you see with pills for sexual virility and most pyramid scams. They make claims about money back guarantees and low entry costs with fine print about massive monthly charges and other chicanery. Anyone like me reads this and immediately suspects something shady. From the people who’ve been tricked I’ve learned that their advice is essentially to create fake blogs and links to help spread the scam. If the pyramid shape is forming in your head then you’re not part of the problem. I’m not here to discuss pyramid schemes or scams directly, but it’s a scam to be sure.

Me being me, I googled it.

The irony is not lost on me.

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