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Cartoon Hell #7 – “Goofy Goat Antics”

December 26, 2008

Cartoon Hell is TheKarpuk’s attempt to review every single installment in an awful $5 collection called “150 Classic Cartoons” purchased at his local Wal-Mart. Your prayers are welcome.


Is In No Way Porn

Is In No Way Porn

Goofy Goat was one of many black blob competitors trying to get a piece of the sweet, sweet Mickey Mouse action in the early days of cartoons. Everyone fought to see which generic dark mass with an animal accessory would usurp his mousy throne and sweep the nation.

This short left me with the question of, “Really, what other kind of goat antics are there?” Often times my Grandmother would regale me with stories of the sensible, subdued goat antics they had back in the depression, making this lurid tale all the more saucy. People often went to the theaters in those days looking for an escape from what some termed “mundane goat antics”.


He's Laughing At You, Not With You

He's Laughing At You, Not With You

We enter this strange world to find a goat driving a car. Yes, you heard right, a goat, and a goat in a car no less! What goofy antics we see already! The goat pokes his head out the window of his hideously backfiring car and gives the audience an extremely load BAH. I guess this might have been included to confirm that he is in fact a goat, and not a crude depiction of Satan. The car is of course bouncing and sputtering to the rhythm, since, as we’ve established by now, everything in black and white cartoons must bounce to the music.

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